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Our allies are full of wonder, questions, energy and a limitless ability to see the world in ways not yet fully influenced by their environment. Kids age 5-7 are always bringing their best selves and have an uncanny ability to make keen observations and discover new ways of going about things. 

Our Allies spend most of their day speaking, writing and singing in Spanish. Children this age love to play and we ensure kids have free choice 3 times a week and as with all of the ages, plenty of outside time. 

We teach our Allies the foundational skills necessary to be proficient and fluent readers, using our collective teaching power of over 60 years of experience. Our Lead teachers in this critical age hold a Master in the Arts of Teaching Early Childhood Education and are skilled in instructing this age in key academics such as math, handwriting, escritura, social emotional development or (SEEL) and cultivating relationships. 



Our Activists are learning to use the full power of their collective voices to make sense of the world. Children age 8-10 are interested in what makes things work and how. MOS kids this age can typically be found exploring a new interest, socializing with friends, trying on various versions of themselves to find an approach of moving about the world that feels good. 


Academically, children are learning cursive, solidifying their foundational mathematic skills and diving deeper into books rich with language and conflict in their book groups. They're breaking apart words using Structed Word Inquiry and are fascinated with the various ways one can manipulate numbers.  Kids this age are leaning into poetry and trying their hand at prose in writing. They are learning what makes a good essay and a strong argument. 

Our Activists are discovering ways to make a difference in their world through community involvement, democracy and maintaining their classroom norms. Lead teachers in this classroom will be skilled at helping children develop their interpersonal relationships and to guiding kids in uncovering passions through new experiences. 

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