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Health & Safety

Everyone will be wearing masks at Morgan in the fall. Until every child is vaccinated, us adults will continue to stand in solidarity with our kids and wear masks at school. While COVID-19 continues to take lives, MOS has and will continue to take every precaution in order to keep our families safe. Every teacher at MOS is vaccinated.  Every parent in our community who qualifies to take the vaccine, and does not have conflicting health considerations are fully vaccinated. (99%)  We're a community of people who believe science.


Teachers may wear face shields when teaching critical reading, phonemic awareness or linguistic foundational  skills so that children may be able to appropriately develop their skills without delays related to being unable to hear or see how the mouth moves while producing language. These times will be limited and we will facilitate conversations with kids around why vaccinated teachers may be wearing face shields during certain parts of the day. 


We finished out our 2020/2021 school year and summer camps with zero COVID related illness. (2 days left, knock on wood) This is largely due to the care and compassion our faculty and staff have for our children. 


We will require every  admitted family  to sign a Community Social Distancing Agreement, which stipulates that every unvaccinated child must continue to mask in public and follow best practices. In our SDA, we ask that children maintain mask wearing in and  outside of school regardless of vaccinated adults. Families are allowed 2 pod families to socialize with unmasked, and these podded families must share similar values and safety measures. Vaccinated parents are not required to wear masks in public places, however we encourage families to do so in public when children are present in support of their kids.

We will continue wearing fanny packs with children's necessary materials and hand sanitizer this academic school year. We will not continue with the tents this year, but will eat lunch outside weather permitting, and social distance inside during inclement weather. 


As COVID-19 develops, so will our policies. This virus is not static and we must be agile and responsive to rising numbers during the ongoing global pandemic. 

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