Lower Elementary

Our combined class of 5, 6, and 7 year olds is all about honoring and cultivating a true appreciation for learning and growing together.


We include marginalized voices throughout our day in early literacy, building words, and class meetings. Students interact with art, music, science, PE, cooking classes and library with special attention given to sharing new perspectives.


Our lower elementary students also engage with a Spanish dual language program, and part of their day are entirely in Spanish. 


Upper Elementary

Our 8, 9 and 10-year-olds study a wide range of topics such as learning about the American Revolution through "Hamilton",  and engaging in group project-based learning units such as studying and writing about the Wampanoag people.


Kids have many opportunities to present their knowledge to the community.  We develop appreciation and understanding of sources for all content.


In math, our upper elementary students work on solving real world problems and applying all of their conceptual understanding to make a difference in their world.


Our older students also receive lessons in science, music, art, urban agriculture, movement, cooking and the Spanish lessons.  Throughout the day the kids learn and grow together by sharing recess, reading books and having free choice time with them. 


Our Anti-Racist Curriculum, (ARC) is a critical component of who we are. This part of the day is spent together as a school, for shared understandings and clarity in our conversations. 

Early Care Education

For new-borns children until aged 3, a full day opportunity opportunity where our littlest people's jobs are to explore their world, ask questions and play. We love these pivotal  years, and all of the wonder and curiosity it brings. 

As with all our classes, the little ones receive the full attention of teachers and care-givers that is possible with or small class sizes. All infants and toddlers have one Spanish speaking caretaker. 

Our program is growing. We are at capacity for our youngest learners birth-2, but are developing an infant room, a toddler room and a 3/4 room with a hopeful opening date early next year. Please fill out the wait list so that we may contact your family when we have space. 

Early Care Wait Lists