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Early Care Connection

222 E. Lake Rd, Decatur 30030

Our Early Care Connection Program is located at Oakhurst Baptist Church in Decatur, 5 minutes from our Kirkwood location. We believe in small class sizes, love pedagogy and a village for raising children in a safe, warm and stimulating environment. At The Morgan Oliver School Early Care Connection, we believe in hard work, and a commitment to providing the absolute highest quality of care for our most impressionable and developing brains.

Currently, the Early Care Connection Program is classified as a "Category 13 exemption", which means our program is no cost to families while we pursue licensure through Bright From the Start. Families are invited to donate their tuition tier to our 501c3. 



Our little Pips get showered with love and snuggles with expert infant childminders who absolutely love this age. 

While we recognize that every child is different, we believe that creating stability through our daily rhythm creates comfort for the children. Children 6 to 11 months are just learning about the world around them. Every experience is potentially a new one.  They are full of wide eyed wonder and fascination. We love this age and our hope is to foster a safe and supportive environment full of beautiful firsts. 


Our days are filled with outside time, songs and plenty of comfort bottles and food from home. 

Hours are 8 am - 5:30 pm

Early Care Waitlist



Our Scouts are just getting their sea legs under them and we often fondly refer to them as, "The Wobblers". 

Children from 12 to 18 months are thunder thumpers and often throw caution (what's that?) to the wind as they amble to their desired object. 

The Scouts classroom has a focus on practicing gross motor skills by encouraging them to grab, climb, balance and avoid using their friends as safety rails! Babies this age are often beginning to use their first words and love to be mimicked and attended to. This room is full of laughter, giggles and lots of snacks.

Hours are 8 am - 5:30 pm



At this age children often hit the ground running and don't stop until nap time or the end of the school day.


Our Explorers are truly learning their worlds, practicing new words, making important connections to the environment around them and figuring out how things work. We meet all children with eye-contact, attention and kindness. A typical morning may look like an imaginative game of "Make breakfast for your teacher" and a story time. 

Our Explorers room is equipped for your child to test themselves physically and emotionally.
We know that a busy Explorer is a happy one! 


Hours are 8 am - 5:30 pm

Early Care Waitlist



Children who are 3 and 4 are naturally endlessly curious and constantly in motion. Kids this age are beginning to become interested in peer to peer play, practicing their gross motor skills by running, jumping, climbing and being overall fearless. 3's and 4's are also learning about themselves, their bodies and the physical world around them. This is a critical time for strong attachment and vocabulary expansion.

Our Adventurers spend a lot of time outside, reading, singing, counting and learning how to make strong connections with peers. This program does focus on play, with learning centers and opportunities for enrichment throughout the day. Lead teachers in this classroom are highly qualified educators and our class size will be no larger than 16 children with 2 teachers.


Our 3/4 classroom hours are a typical school day's hours, from 7:45-3:00. We do provide aftercare. 

Early Care Waitlist


Socioeconomic representation is an important part of the diversity we treasure at Morgan Oliver. If we are to rethink our social structures, we also need to rethink our language and financial access to equity. (“Awards”, "Scholarships" etc. are ways to imply/show “power”).


Families and learners have to feel equal within the system. That’s why we have a fee structure which both allows family choice, and holds accountability. Under the Morgan model, everyone pays something, and everyone feels as though they have agency in the process, allowing anyone to participate in our liberatory educational and community focused model. 


Families who are choosing options M-A fill out a 3rd party financial statement application. This ensures we are all holding each other accountable. Then, a family selects a tuition level they feel they can afford. Payments can be made over 12 months, quarterly, or in a lump sum.

Fee Structure


$648 each year

Or $54 each month


$6,024 each year

Or $502 each month


$9,624 each year

Or $802 each month


$12,024 each year

Or $1,002 each month


$19,224 each year

$1,602 each month


$21,624 each year

$1,802 each month

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