Nurturing Allies, Activists and Leaders

Social Justice

We are a lab school, where pioneering teachers create a dual-language, anti-racist curriculum to build academic excellence, happy kids, and a better world.

We provide a learning environment for children that is familial, supportive, inspiring, and deeply committed to social justice.


Our Approach

We believe in community at Morgan, and we are committed to building a culture where any human can flourish: children and families, faculty, staff, and community members.

In order to intentionally dismantle oppressive structures in the world, we must model strong community so that our children can go out and build it in their world.

Children require love, acceptance, grace, and opportunities to try again after falling down, so there’s a lot of laughter, light, drawing, conversations, writing, play, hugs, gardening, solving problems with numbers, running, reading, swinging, being silly, dance parties, healthy food, hard moments, and communal healing.

What Parents Say

"As educators ourselves, we were looking for a school that reflects what we value in education - learning about other cultures and languages, building  community, avoiding unnecessary standardized testing, and promoting a lifelong love of learning  - and we definitely found it here. The anti-racist curriculum, in particular, teaches him empathy, kindness, and an ability to understand our complex and dynamic world. We could not be happier, nor could our son". 


We offer a rich assortment of after-school clubs this year, from Ukulele lessons, Cross Country, Cooking, Survival Club and Theater. 


Cross Age Classrooms

Learn about our half day, lower and upper elementary cross age classrooms. 


COVID-19 Safety

Read more around how we've managed to be in person during the pandemic.