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Every child deserves a
world-class education.

That's why we built a fully-accredited school with a tiered tuition system, immersive dual-language learning, and an anti-racist curriculum, staffed by teachers with master's degrees.

Accredited by GAC

Dual Language

Tiered Tuition


Accredited by GAC

Morgan Oliver School is accredited by Georgia Accrediting Commission and is a member school of the NAIS, the largest association of independent schools. This prestigious accreditation reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in education. It signifies our dedication to providing a high-quality learning experience that prepares students for a bright and successful future.

Tiered Tuition

Money should never be a barrier to getting an incredible education. We believe every child deserves quality education, so we offer flexible pricing to ensure access for families from all backgrounds.


Anti-Racist Curriculum

Our curriculum seamlessly weaves historically marginalized voices into every subject, nurturing empathy and advocacy skills. Aligned with core standards, it equips students for success across educational settings. From the American Revolution to the contributions of Black Americans and Indigenous peoples, we offer a comprehensive view of history from a global perspective, empowering students to challenge systemic inequalities.

Photo of Sanidia Oliver-Stone, founder and head of Morgan Oliver School, smiling and dreaming of affordable school options

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