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Your child is an individual.

What if a school actually treated (and taught) them like that were true?

We believe in academic excellence at Morgan. We also believe that kids are their own swirling universes with interests, hopes, dreams and anxieties. 

Each day begins with a morning meeting with a dedicated homeroom teacher to foster connection and preparation for learning. While most of the day is spent in those cross-age classrooms learning literacy, math, and social studies, students engage in communal activities like breaks, lunch, and projects. We partner with local teachers-in-residence to provide enrichment experiences such as art, music, permaculture, STEAM, and more.  Additionally, buddy time promotes leadership and kindness among peers.


Our Accreditation


Our Partners

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Our math curriculum prioritizes conceptual understanding over memorization. Through applied, hands-on activities, students tackle real-world problems and collaborate to identify patterns and make discoveries. By emphasizing problem-solving, financial literacy, and teamwork, we cultivate mathematicians and mitigate stereotype threats faced by students of color in their educational journey.


The world needs voracious , curious readers from every background, so our curriculum adapts to every child. Some students focus on  foundational literacy instruction, while others participate in book clubs and other inquiry-based projects. Proficient learners collaborate with peers, while those needing additional support receive targeted instruction in evolving small groups. This promotes equity and fosters a culture of trust and acceptance.


We collaborate with teachers for a semester at a time, forming partnerships with businesses and organizations like InterAtlanta FC and the YMCA. Together, we ensure every child has the chance to explore and deepen their interests. Whether it's carpentry, pottery, dance, or computer classes, our curriculum offers a rich tapestry of experiences. Each classroom eagerly embraces new and exciting enrichment activities daily.


Every child can be a socially conscious member of the community. We believe in actively challenging biases, dismantling systemic injustices, and fostering an environment where every student feels seen, valued, and empowered. Through a diverse range of literature, history, and social studies materials, students thoughtfully examine race, privilege, and identity to encourage open dialogue, empathy, and advocacy.

happy toddler at morgan oliver school for anti-racism


Ages 5-7

Our allies, aged 5-7, brim with wonder, energy, and a boundless capacity to perceive the world independently. They excel at keen observations and innovative problem-solving. They immerse themselves in Spanish, engaging in speaking, writing, and singing throughout the day. Free choice activities occur three times weekly, complemented by ample outdoor time. Our experienced instructors, with over 60 years of combined teaching expertise, equip allies with foundational literacy skills. Lead teachers, holding a Master's in Early Childhood Education, adeptly guide them in math, handwriting, social-emotional development, and nurturing relationships.

elementary children at morgan oliver school for anti-racism


Ages 8-10

Our activists, aged 8-10, harness the power of their collective voices to navigate the world. They're curious about how things function and are often found exploring new interests, socializing, and experimenting with self-expression. Academically, they delve into cursive writing, solidify foundational math skills, and engage in literature discussions enriched with conflict. They dissect words using Structed Word Inquiry and explore various mathematical manipulations. Poetry and prose writing are embraced as they learn the art of crafting compelling essays and arguments. These activists engage in community involvement and democracy, guided by classroom norms. Lead teachers facilitate interpersonal development and nurture passions through immersive experiences.

middle schooler at morgan oliver school for antiracism


Ages 11-12

Our organizers, aged 11 and 12, are mastering the art of orchestrating change in their world. They delve deep into understanding systems, identifying inefficiencies, and strategizing solutions. Eager to comprehend the intricacies of societal structures, they explore topics such as civics, economics, and environmental sustainability. Through project-based learning, they tackle real-world challenges, honing critical thinking and collaboration skills. Academically, organizers refine their writing prowess, delve into advanced mathematics, and analyze complex texts. They cultivate a nuanced understanding of persuasive rhetoric and argumentation, preparing to articulate their viewpoints with clarity and conviction. In their pursuit of impact, organizers engage in community service, advocacy, and activism. Lead teachers foster a culture of leadership, empathy, and responsibility, empowering students to drive positive change both within and beyond the classroom.

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