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Our process for enrollment is simple. Every kid should get the opportunity to access an incredible education that inspires them to become what and who they want to see more of in the world. 

Our admissions process is straightforward and system driven Our approach supports our mission and vision to carefully consider a fmaily's entire profile, and what the needs of our school and community are. We find it important for our fmailies to represent the community they live in,  boasting the rich diversity in family composition, racial representation, socioeconomic representation and neurodiversity.  Because, every kid is awesome, and most kids can be successful at The Morgan Oliver School. 

Here's typically how enrollment works outside of enrollment season: 

  1. Contact is made with a family from a tuition tier which is available pulled from our waitlist.

  2. 1:1 Chat with the Founder

  3. Tour Facilities

  4. Chat with an enrolled family

  5. Invitation to Apply

  6. Kid Visit

  7. Deposit, Contract and CCA

If you are applying for the next academic school year, you will receive an invitation to our Admissions Day which is typically sometime in March. 


Enrolling April-July


Tours every Wednesday 11:30-12:00

Schedule a tour



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