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About Us


Hello, I'm Sanidia.

I'm a teacher and founder of The Morgan Oliver School, named for my brother. Morgan was a veteran and multi-racial young man. He ended his life in 2017, partly due to a lack of mental health care and community advocacy.


Morgan was a kind soul and a generous heart. He loved children and the outdoors. He would have been very proud of what we’ve created. 

At our school, we believe we must do more than hope for a better tomorrow.

We believe that every child deserves the right to an exceptional educational journey - and we act on that belief.


We believe in racial and socio-economic diversity. Our unique tiered tuition structure allows for a broad range of access. We believe in families contributing in ways that they can and which honor their personhoods. 


We know it’s critical that children's formative educational experiences are positive and rich. School should be fun.


We want to help children understand and appreciate the perspectives and nuances of those with different experiences, so we create opportunities for children to see outside of themselves, their families, communities and country.


We have a moral responsibility to have open, responsibly-facilitated, and truthful conversations around our country's complicated and painful history.

Our role at Morgan is to help create a generation of leaders and thinkers who will go out into the world equipped with the tools to call out and ultimately break oppressive patterns. Our larger goal is to create a blueprint and inspire others to create more schools like ours.  


Sanidia Oliver-Stone
Founder and Head of School

The Big Idea

We dare to dream big at Morgan. We dare to be rebellious and resist and participate at Morgan. Atlanta doesn't need another private school. Atlanta needs to start another movement. A movement that begins with education.


We are a  lab school, partnered with universities and non-profits, researchers and experts. We want smaller, more community centered schools like ours, where teachers are paid what they deserve, baseless standardized tests are not the focus, folks live and work in the neighborhood, and families know and support each other. We are creating a space that can be replicated in every gentrifying neighborhood, and every zip code, and helping to build a world without islamophobia, transphobia, prejudice, racial profiling, redlining, antisemitism, privilege, appropriation, police brutality, stereotype threat, and white supremacy.

Luckily, we have plenty of the one resource that is free if we cultivate it - Love. Help us create our better tomorrow. Donate, partner, volunteer, journey, and dream with us.

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