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The Morgan Oliver School Summer Camps 2022

At Morgan, diversity and inclusiveness is at the forefront of all programming. Each summer camp offering will incorporate the MOS mission to create change through open conversations around oppression and to encourage kids to be active participants in creating change. Each day camp will have daily Story Time centering rich and vibrant authors and kids of color, opportunities to cook, explore science, as well as weekly experts from within the community to come share their knowledge of the camp theme. Sleepaway campers will be able to explore the beautiful North Georgia mountains, participate in day trips to horse back riding, hiking, and white water rafting.


We are now enrolling day campers ages 5 through 11, and sleepaway campers ages 6-11. All camps will be practicing strict Covid precautions, so spaces are very limited. Sign your camper up now by filling out the Registration form at the bottom of this page.

Weekly Cost:

9AM - 4:00PM  - $350/week (5 days) - $250/week (4 days)

Early Care: $50/week  8:30AM - 4:00PM


Nature + Art Camp
With Heather

June 20th - 24th
9AM - 4PM
Kids Ages 4 - 12

Join Heather for a fun filled week of creating art using the bounty mother nature has given us. We will explore shadow drawings, nature printing and creating forts and sculptures with natural materials, nature walks collecting organic materials, creating art with those materials, blending mud paints, exploring berries to create beautiful murals and more! Prepare to get messy! 

Hero Theater Camp
With Ellie

June 6th - 10th 
9AM - 4PM
Kids Ages 6 - 11

What does it mean to be a hero? Join Ellie as your children dive  into the world of the arts, where kids will have the opportunity to discover what being a hero means to them. Throughout the week we will engage in theater and improv games, as well dive deep into storytelling techniques to bring our heroes to life. 

Recycled Material Camp

June 13th - 17th
9AM - 4PM
Kids Ages 8-12

Did you know that our recycled newspapers become cat litter and countertops? Artists from around the world have been embracing this idea of using everyday recycled and used objects like soda cans, skateboards, toys, flip flops, cardboard and plastic bottles to make amazing pieces of art. During this summer camp we will be learning about what happens to recycled materials once they leave our homes and will explore what we can make and create with them! 

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Dinosaur Art Camp
With Heather

June 27th - July 1st 
9AM - 4PM
Kids Ages 5 - 11

Let your child interact with their favorite plant eater or meat eater in this fun filled week of learning and creating. Each day we will focus on a specific dinosaur from one of the periods they reigned on Earth. We will learn how to draw dinosaurs, sculpt our favorite dinosaurs, make clay reliefs, collectively create a large paper machete T Rex and so much more – all while learning about the lives and habitats of these “Terrible Lizards.”

Dance Camp
With LaMia

July 5th - July 8th (Short Week) 
9AM - 4PM
Kids Ages 5 - 11

Explore dance and movement camp with LaMIa. Campers will be experiencing how environment can impact a dancers performance, and will be able to learn some basic and more complex moves to use any room or stage to express yourself through dance. Campers will be able to learn how various cultures and countries move their bodies and the camp will end with a performance for families and friends. 

World Mythology Camp
With Heather

July 11th - July 15th
9AM - 4PM
Kids Ages 5 - 11

Heather has a fun  week of cultural mythology planned. We will focus on Egyptian, Inuit, Japanese, Hindu, and Greek mythology. Each day we will discover a different cultural mythology and the art that brings it to life. We will create creatures, celebrate the gods and goddesses, learn the stories of these culture’s, play games, learn about how our physical world carries these stories through the constellations and how we mark the passage of time through the year, role playing, and creating art through both two and three dimensional mediums.

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Dance Camp with LaMia V.2

July 18th - July 22nd 
9AM - 4PM
Kids Ages 5 - 11

This week, we will be exploring Social Movement through the African- American perspective, a.k.a. Social Dances. This Tik Tok Era has revolutionized how social dances are not only created, but more importantly how they are shared and discovered. This week, your young ones will learn and experience how these dances were developed in the past, connect it to our present, and explore what that may mean for the future of Social Dance. 


Cooking Camp
With Heather

July 25th - July 29th 
9AM - 4PM
Kids Ages 5 - 11

Come explore cooking with Heather! Learn how to safely navigate the kitchen and how to use basic ingredients to make delicious and healthy meals! Kids will get the opportunity to cook each day. This may include baking and exploring various culture's food! We'll be reading about different cuisines and even trying your hand at recording your own cooking episode! 

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