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The Word: June 5, 2024

As we round the corner on another beautiful year- I am astounded by the sense of gratitude I feel for this incredible community. Our shout our award ceremony was a stark reminder of how special each and every child in our community is. Going through photos from the year, and sifting through the touching words kids wrote about each other was cathartic for me amidst so much change for our school.

The community effort it required to pull this move to EAV off was tremendous. From parent volunteers helping to pick up drywall, to volunteers hanging sheetrock and painting, it is always so remarkable to see everyone come together for a common goal. Creating a space for kids and teachers to come together in community as we learn and grow together.

Our summer camps are quickly filling up and our new space looks incredible. We cannot wait to share all of the exciting events, news and plans we have for this year coming up.

In the meantime, thank you all for believing in us. I keep thinking of The Little Engine Who Could, and it really does feel like we're cresting a massive mountain. This last year was hands down the best and I am so thrilled to see what next year has in store.

With Gratitude,

Sanidia Oliver-Stone


Founder, Head of School

(404) 954-2524

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