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The Word: May 3, 2024

Updated: May 3

As May winds down and the bustling school energy strums with excitement around field day, end-of-year presentations, and upcoming field trips, I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude. We have grown so much this year, despite difficult social and political events and impossible challenges in the world.

The Garden Party

The Garden Party was a beautiful coming together and celebration of community and giving. We are so grateful for the generous donations from local businesses in Atlanta, offering over 60 amazing auction items our parents and friends bid on to support this school.

Preschool Launch & Director

After a long search, we're finally closing in on selecting our new Director of Early Care and planning for our big move to East Atlanta Village. Eastside ATL Church has welcomed us with open arms, and we are so excited to explore this new partnership.

Staff Updates

We are also incredibly grateful for the addition of Bri Eubanks (Allies teacher) and Jared Humphries (Director of Marketing). Their contributions to the school have already been hugely felt.

We also extend love and healing to our beloved Director of Staff and Community Outreach who was seriously injured in a 20-foot fall during a hike. Sky's absence is felt, and we hope for a speedy recovery so they can return to us.

Thank you all for walking alongside us in this beautifully successful experiment in education.

With love for this community,

Sanidia Oliver-Stone


Founder, Head of School

(404) 954-2524

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