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Joel Kanter

Board Chair Elect


Windy City Investement, Inc.
Washington, DC

About Joel

As the incoming Board Chair, Joel Kanter is set to enrich our educational community with an exceptional blend of business acumen, legislative expertise, and a heartfelt dedication to the arts and education. His tenure as the newly appointed chair of the prestigious Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is a testament to his leadership and his commitment to enriching cultural institutions.

Mr. Kanter’s journey into the educational landscape began with personal investment when he navigated the independent school selection process for his own children. This experience led to an active role in school governance, first at The Langley School and later at Georgetown Day School, where he championed financial stewardship and inclusivity.

Beyond education, Mr. Kanter's career encompasses significant achievements across various sectors. He served as President of Windy City, Inc. and as the President and CEO of Walnut Financial Services, Inc., culminating in a highly successful acquisition. His legislative experience as an aide to Congressman Abner J. Mikva and his involvement with legislative reform set a foundation for his later contributions to the National Association of Attorneys General and as Staff Director on the House Rules Committee's Subcommittee.

Mr. Kanter’s impact on the business world extends to innovative healthcare solutions, as evidenced by his leadership in companies such as Applied UV, Inc., and MEDITE Cancer Diagnostics, and extends to the tech frontier in firms developing groundbreaking medical devices and treatments.

A Trustee Emeritus of The Langley School and a former Trustee at Georgetown Day School and the Union Institute & University, Mr. Kanter's expertise in governance is nationally recognized with his certification as a Governance Fellow by the National Association of Corporate Directors.

At the helm of the Black Student Fund and The Coalition To Stop Gun Violence, he champions educational equity and public health initiatives. His recent naming as chair of the Kennedy Center places him at the forefront of one of the nation's key cultural hubs, highlighting his vision for an educational future where the arts play a pivotal role in student development.

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