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After Care Program

Our After Care program is offered every day from 3-5:30. Not only will kids have unstructured play time, but they will also have space to make connections to our ARC curriculum. Our After School program and activities, crafts and sessions are  carefully structured to reflect the unit of study we are engaged with during the school day. 


Urban Agriculture

Students will work with local farmers and BIPOC community builders to volunteer in and start their own Urban Farm here at Morgan.  Sustainability and a strong understanding of how food is produced, and the work that goes behind it all is critical to create earth conscious future citizens who will be spearheading radical change to save our shared global home. 


After School Movement Classes

Students will have an opportunity to sign up for various Physical Health units which will include sampling some of the following: cross country running, strength building and cross training, soccer,  yoga, and various other physical educational opportunities students are interested in learning more about. 


Theater Club

At Morgan, we value the arts. Theater classes are offered throughout the school year focusing on different elements of theater; monologues, two person skits, improvisation, musical theater and playwriting. 


Summer Camps

At Morgan, we look within our community for people and small organizations to share their passions with our students. We will be offering various themed weekly summer camp opportunities for our students. (As we monitor COVID-19)


Civic Engagement

At Morgan we lean into having proximity to our quickly changing neighborhood community in Kirkwood and East Atlanta. We seek to create partnerships with public schools both in establishing friendships with our students and creating bridges which work both ways. As our community continues to gentrify, and we participate in that process, we will look outward with bridge building and follow those most marginalized wherever they are pushed.

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