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Early Care that builds curiosity & confidence.


Year-Round Care

Organic Catered Food

Our Early Care Connection Program, situated in our cozy Kirkwood bungalow, embodies the spirit of a nurturing village and embraces a love for pedagogy. We prioritize close-knit classrooms and a warm, supportive atmosphere for children. We offer top-notch care in a safe, fun environment. With room for up to 40 children, our boutique service features three classrooms and two to three dedicated educators per room. 

All inclusive at: $1,900/Mo.

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Vibrant Fun
& Radical Inclusivity.

Here's how your little learners will spend their day.

Bilingual Learning

Our bilingual program immerses children in both English and Spanish, fostering language skills and cultural appreciation from an early age. This dynamic approach enhances cognitive development and prepares children for a diverse world.

Music, Yoga, & Creativity

Our enrichment classes are designed to spark creativity and holistic development. Children enjoy music classes, baby yoga, and cultural exposure, all led by visiting specialists and developed by educational experts.

Organic Meals & Snacks

We offer a fully catered organic food program, including all snacks and meals. Our commitment to healthy, nutritious food ensures that every child enjoys balanced meals that support their growth and well-being.

Small Class Sizes

We prioritize individual attention with our small class sizes. Our two-year-old classes are limited to 10 kids each, ensuring personalized care. Our three-year-old classes have three dedicated teachers for every 20 children, providing a nurturing and supportive environment.

Enrolling Your Child


Submit your application online and pay the $50 application fee. This step reserves your spot and ensures that your child is considered for enrollment.


Once your application is received, we invite you to schedule a tour of our facility to meet our staff, explore our engaging learning environment, and ask any questions you may have.


After your tour, we will review your application and notify you of your child's acceptance status. Accepted families will receive further instructions on completing the enrollment process and preparing for the school year.

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Two Year Olds

A Day in the Life of a Scout

At this age children often hit the ground running and don't stop until nap time or the end of the school day.

Our Scouts are truly learning their worlds, practicing new words, making important connections to the environment around them and figuring out how things work. We meet all children with eye-contact, attention and kindness. A typical morning may look like an imaginative game of "Make breakfast for your teacher" and a story time. 

Our Scouts room is equipped for your child to test themselves physically and emotionally.

We know that a busy Scout is a happy one! 

A Day in the Life of an Explorer

Three year olds are endlessly curious and constantly in motion. Kids this age are beginning to become interested in peer to peer play, practicing their gross motor skills by running, jumping, climbing and being overall fearless. 3's and 4's are also learning about themselves, their bodies and the physical world around them. This is a critical time for strong attachment and vocabulary expansion.

Our Explorers spend ample time outside, reading, singing, counting and learning how to make strong connections with peers. This program does focus on play, with learning centers and opportunities for enrichment throughout the day. Lead teachers in this classroom are highly qualified educators and our class size will be no larger than 16 children with 2 teachers.


36-42 Months

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