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October 2021 Newsletter

Written By Kids
and Grownups.
For Everyone.

A Note From Sophie: Kids are welcome to submit an article, announcement or an article idea. My mom needed some help and gave me a few things to add in here. I also added in some news us kids will want to read. We hope every student's voice can be heard and look out for a student run MOS newspaper soon!


Written by: Sophia Oliver

Our Newest structure was built over the time period of two weekends and a night by parents and volunteers. HUGE THANK YOU from us kids. David Adams-Young, Matt and Beckett Paproth, Rhodes and Casey Geissen, Richard, Micah, Pavol and Christine.


Written by: Sophia Oliver

Halloween is coming up! Do you feel the chill? MOS is holding a party after school! We will have costumes, a crafting table run by volunteer parents, a movie projecting off of our new stage, some sensory bins, food, candy, gift bags, and decoration! Everybody is invited! Hope to see you there!

FRIDAY.OCTOBER 29TH. 3:30-5:30

THE CUBBY FAIRY! Written by: Sophia Oliver

A mysterious fairy has been giving students with clean cubbies a small Token of appreciation. Some students are mystified. Some are guessing a random teacher, and some are believers. Last clue was found in the cubby of Rae Agnes Young. As two other witnesses frantically search they’re bins Rae shouts “I GOT ONE!!!!!!!!!”

Thank you donors!

  • Alanna Stone Justice an Equity Fund donated 15,000 with 5k specifically allocated for kids with SLD's.

  • Allegra, Tim and Maddie donated 5,000.

  • Jacobson / Biehn Family Fund donated 15,000.

Huge thank you to all of our generous donors. We are so grateful for your donation. It means so much to us kids and adults that you want to help US out of all the small communities, all the small schools and you choose us. It’s touching. It brings warmth to our hearts. All the kids and adults are so grateful to have you be in our community. -Sophia Oliver



It's Fall Break!

We come back Monday, October 18th.

Have a nice break!

Donate now, and feel better about yourself within minutes!

We need your help to fund our awesome programs and salaries.

Our Anti-Racist Curriculum, (ARC) is a critical component of who we are.

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