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A Beautiful End

Today was a blast. The kids bounced, played huge board games, ran, ate popcorn and had (bad) snowcones and we all lost to Kieran in the grownups VS Kids race. (I would have won, Keiran, if I had sneakers on....)

It's hard to believe it's over. Y0. Half of this year was Sanidia's Micro School, or SMS. Some of our "old timers" still lovingly refer to it as "Micro School". I have many feelings, and most of them happy ones. I know that we did everything in our power to build this community, grow and cultivate little (and big) minds and we've accomplished so much.

The kiddos who won't be returning next year are going on to new adventures, and making way for some more families who chose MOS, not because of a pandemic, or the desire to see their children with other kids safely- but because this is the mission and philosophy and life choice they are making as a family. Choice feels differently when one is allowed the space to make it. This, too is the nature of school. We give the kids all we have and move them along with all the well wishes for a wonderful transition to their next journey.

Tomorrow will be one massive pajama birthday party with an end of year awards ceremony. We've staggered 8 birthday celebrations throughout the day, with a movie breaking up the partying. It's going to be a whirlwind of busyness and fun, and that's the only way the last day of school can be! Otherwise the teachers would all end up crying.

Thank you all for this incredible journey. We have so much exciting news to share with you all, (including another co-lead for lower elementary) but are waiting for the dust to settle and for us to close out this school year and say goodbye, for now.

This summer, I'll have log ins for your kids to continue practicing their reading, and they will have access to leveled readers. More info on this next week.

See you at carpool tomorrow,

With Gratitude,

​Sanidia Oliver- Stone

she/her/hers Founder, Head of School (404) 954-2524

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